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The series continues by popular demand finally a 'fifties' album, 'Spliced Takes Blue Moon' CD will be out soon! Again the STAR team has done all the edits on this album, and they did an even better job, with lots of excellent edits, and surprises. Unlike other 'import' labels, they truly were able to produce an album using many incomplete takes, to create beautiful new tracks. Their professional edits will blow you away and will make you believe these are unreleased takes. Get ready to Shake, Rattle and Roll with this fantastic release, some highlights include:

That's All Right: Spliced from 2 outtakes, with added echo to re-create the master version.

Shake Rattle And Roll: Includes ALL verses done by our man, 3 different solos, piano, guitar, and drums will blow you away!

Let Me: The 'master' of this song was also a splice created from take 3 and 4… here they used the same takes, only the opposite parts, so this is the first COMPLETE new outtake of this movie song.

Money Honey: Only a small part of take 10 was found, used here to make a nice new track, spliced with the master takes.

Baby, I Don't Care: Great version, with spliced takes, and new mix to make it and outstanding new outtake.

Blueberry Hill: FIVE takes used here to make a very fresh new version.

We could go on, but the best thing to do is PRE-ORDER now, and enjoy all of the 30 tracks by yourself!

Elvis fans have been spoiled over the years, and they all know. 'the end is near' almost every complete take available has been released, so this is as close as you can get for a 'New' album!

The set comes in a 'Deluxe Digipack' with beautiful artwork, and is strictly limited to 500 copies! Pre-order your set now, this will be sold out soon!


  1. That's All Right - Spliced take 2,3
  2. My Baby's Gone Spliced take 6,7,6
  3. Ill Never Let You Go - Spliced take
  4. Jailhouse Rock - Spliced take 7,8,7,6/Pick up take 2
  5. Shake, Ratlle and Roll - Alternate Master (long version)
  6. When It Rains It Really Pours - Spliced take 8,5
  7. I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine - Spliced take 2,3,1
  8. Money Honey - Spliced take 10,5,6
  9. Paralyzed - Spliced take 12,5 *
  10. I'm Counting On You - Spliced take 13,UN,14,13
  11. I Want To Be Free - Spliced take 8,9
  12. Doncha Think It's Time - Spliced take 39,47,40
  13. Playing for Keeps - Spliced take 7,18 *
  14. Poor Boy - Spliced take 1,3
  15. Lonesome Cowboy - Spliced take 25,20 *
  16. Treat Me Nice (1st movie vs) - Spliced take 12,13
  17. I Was the One - Alternate Master
  18. Don't Leave Me Now (Record vs) - Spliced take 17,15,18,8
  19. I Love You Because - Spliced take 4,5
  20. Blueberry Hill - Spliced take 6,5,4,7,8
  21. Baby, I Don't Care - Spliced take 4,1
  22. Lover Doll - Spliced EP/LP/EP Version
  23. Let Me - Spliced take 3,4,3 (reversed master)
  24. Too Much - Spliced take 12/insert take 2 *
  25. I Beg of You - Alternate Master
  26. Rip It Up - Spliced take 18,17,17
  27. Young and Beautiful (record vs) - Spliced take 1,3
  28. As Long As I Have You (movie vs) - Spliced take 6,7
  29. Harbor Lights - Spliced take 6,7
  30. Blue Moon Spliced take 7,8

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